irish eyes murders


Deirdre Divine (AKA Stan Bolander): A pseudo diva. Big eyes. A temperamental artist. She/he loves to be loved, as well as being the center of attention. Insincerely portrays herself as everyone's best friend. Impatient and insincere. Phony laugh, which becomes increasingly annoying. A well known regular on the karaoke circuit. Totally buys into the fake glitz of karaoke. Undercover FBI agent.

Kathleen Kelly: The local KJ. Loves to sing showtunes. A nice gal. Attracted to and attracted by Tex.

Dick Ritchardt- Hunky local guy. Quite an ego. He was a football hero in high school, but has struggled since then; a one semester wonder, two failed marriages, and difficulty holding a job. Looking for the proverbial golden goose. Involved with Lulu, but is lured by Eileen's recent good fortune.

Eileen MacNamara - Sweet barmaid at the Blue Shamrock Inn who grew up taking care of her father. She's a hard worker, and a very nice person. She dreams of being a singer, but is very shy. She loves karaoke night, but only as an observer, not as a participant. She's a bit naive and sometimes too nice for her own good. She's recently shared a winning lottery ticket with her father, Liam, worth five million dollars. Still, she's quite unpretentious. When she gets nervous, she tends to snort.

Liam MacNamara- Eileen's father, he is the proprietor of the Blue Shamrock Inn. He has just won the lottery on a ticket he shares with Eileen. Their combined payoff is five million dollars. Widowed of Eileen's mother and divorced from his second wife, he still feels the pain, and secretly still longs for his ex-wife's return. He's a hard worker, and incredibly proud of his Irish heritage. Knows lots of Irish sayings.

Lulu O'Laye- Hostess at the Blue Shamrock Inn. Flirty and sexy. A conniver. Would like to snare Liam (and his money) Comes-on to the customers and everyone else to "promote business" (or so she says)

Michael Murphy- Dishwasher at the Blue Shamrock Inn. Quiet, tends to keep to himself. Kind of unexciting. Secretly yearns for Eileen's attention. So far, no dice.

Fiona MacNamara- Liams ex-wife. She hasn't been around for seven years and has had some tough times. Portrays ignorance about the lottery. She just came by " because she yearned for her family on St. Patrick's Day."

Tex Cassidy- Cowboy type. Chews tobacco and spits. Man of mostly action, rather than words. Saw Fiona hitchhiking on the highway and gave her a lift (at least).

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Irish Eyes Murders

It is St. Patrick's Day at a friendly, family Irish Pub. To celebrate, a festive karaoke party is in full swing. Lots of laughs and wonderful Irish songs signal a high time. But all is not as it would appear. Suddenly, there is a scream....... and the burned-out local hero is dead. But why? And who is responsible? Is it the flirtatious hussy, the wealthy pub-owner, the way-too-happy karaoke singer, or perhaps the sweet young barmaid? It's all makes for an evening of darkly hysterical highjinks, which will keep your audience smooching the Blarney Stone