More Christmas Carol Murders (The Sequel)


Sissy Hienay -- Widow of Charles Hienay. She had suffered through considerable turmoil as Charles’ wife. One year after Charles murder, she is in recovery and has assumed the director’s duties at the Curtainsville Community Playhouse. However, her new authority has somewhat gone to her head. She has become, to put it plainly, a b-i-t-c-h. Totally authoritarian with little patience or sensitivity.

Pricilla Puttmuncher -- Costume mistress of the theatre . Very flirty. Enjoys the creative opportunities found in measuring inseams.

Art Shure -- Low-keyed actor in the theatre. Not much presence, but fairly dependable. Works at the Big Depot by day. Still pines in vain for Rebecca. Still hopes to achieve leading man status, also in vain. Lives alone. Sees himself as a martyr. Lots of self-pity. Secretly in love with Rebecca.

Rebecca Rose -- Innocent ingenue, or so she would have us believe. But perhaps there’s more than meets the eye.

Gloria Gazongas -- Beautiful to look at, and a very nice person. Legally blond. Still,really, really, really wants to be actress.

Kirstin Kisasski -- Sissy’s assistant. Total kiss-up. Tattle-tale. Attacted to Sheridan.

Henry Hienay -- Long lost twin of Charles. Texas lawyer. A philanthropist and a philanderist. Provides funding to the CCT.

Helen Hienay -- Henry’s wife. Seems to have a drinking problem.

Sheridan Shizer -- British chap. A Dickens purist.

Tim Baylis -- Company member. Retired homicide detective

Host- A jovial connection between the reality of the audience and the fantasy of the show.

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More Christmas Carol Murders (The Sequel)

Last year the Curtainsville Community Theatre Company's leading actor, Charles Heinay, was murdered by a jealous rival. This year, his evil twin, Henry, is back in town...and out for revenge . As it prepares it's annual production of A Christmas Carol, the theatre playbill is embedded with mystery, mayhem, and murder. Also...lots of fun for your audience.