Mother of the year murders


June Cleavage- TVLand icon, forever linked with Always The Otter. She's not bitter, but wants the world to know she's not the syrupy nuclear-family mom the world remembers. In fact, she can be quite naughty, and is whenever possible.

Ralph/Lisa Cleavage (Also referred to as Otter, which he he/she hates)- June's son(at least he was). Grown-up child tv actor. He/she has difficulty with sexual and gener identity. Clings to his/her Mom in a somewhat unnatural manner.

Hilary Smintten- Former Secretary of State hailing from the industrial Northeast. Poweful feminist, with two-way tendencies. Downplays her husband's infidelities. Out to win tonight, as always, at any cost.

Chesty Smintten- Hilary's daughter. She lacks her mother's drive, ambition, and intellect. Legally blond, and totally clueless.

Willy Smintten- Hilary's philandering husband. Women of all ages seem to have a magnetic attraction to him and he is happy to oblige any and all overtures.

Livia Castrano- A tough old broad, she is the matriarch of a successful "sanitation engineering" firm. She is, to put it bluntly, a gonad annihilator. She believes in "telling it like it is" at all times. Her son, Teeny, has many conflicting feelings about her.

Teeny Castrano- Livia's son, he has succeeded in the "family business". He is a complicated man whose personality may jolt from one exteme to the other in mid-sentence.

Guy Miley- Host of the Mother-of-the-Year Pageant. Personality plus, he likes to show off his radio-voice. A pretty boy, he's quite vain. Likes to check himself out in anything resembling a mirror. Doesn't comes across with the ladies as well as he thinks.

Kay Howard - The executive producer of the Mother-of-the-Year Pageant. Mousey low key, and somewhat of a dishrag as she approaches the task of putting the pageant togther. Little do we know, she is a recent graduate of the Hoboken Security Training Institute.

When her investigative skills are called into service, she evolves to an outgoing take-charge zealot.

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Mother of the year murders

You are a special guest at the much anticipated Mother-Of-The Year Pageant. The competition is down to three finalists: Hilary Smintten, the ruthless U.S. Senator seeking a measure of revenge on her philandering husband; June Cleavage, the TVLand icon, hoping to shed her good-girl image; Livia Castrano, a tough broad who is the matriarch of a successful "sanitation engineering" firm. The competition is fierce with each contestant willing to do "whatever it takes" to win. But something goes terribly wrong. Someone is dead.!!! But why? And who is responsible? Vanity! Greed! Jealousy! And at least two cat fights! Who could ask for anything more?!.