Murder In Black And White


Bertrum Buttock- Flamboyant owner/manager of the radio station and the Curtainsville Hilton.

Betty Buttock - Wife of the owner. Flirty…domineering.

Billy Buttock - Their son. Dweeb. Limp dishrag. A serious addictions problem.

Richard N. Hancer- Gumshoe detective.

Sylvia Sweetlips- Incredulously, the wife of Billy. Lovely and dramatic.

Arnie Armstrong - Pretty boy. Vain. Ambitious. Hot for Sylvia.

Elaina Alona - Girl singer. Infatuated with Arnie.

Lauren Alexicon- Gossip columnist for the local gazette.

Chic Clark- Comic radio actor. Does character voices, skits, and commercials.

Edna Eveready - Radio station secretary. Waiting in the wings for her chance to be a radio star. High school sweetheart of Billy.

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Murder In Black And White

It's an irreverent and somewhat naughty send-up of film noir detective movies. The tragic evening centers around a "live" radio broadcast from the fictitious Curtainsville Inn, circa 1940. The radio performers are excited about their first live coast to coast broadcast. But amidst all the excitement there is clearly an air of intrigue abounding. As the show goes "live" we hear a shot. Someone is very dead. In a throwback to a time gone by, your audience will get into the moment of dark shadows, and deadly motives.....and lots of laughs along the way.