Schoolhouse Masquerade Murders


Betty Biggins - Senior English teacher. Gorgeous, well endowed, and totally unassuming. Straight-laced and prudish. Very scholarly and well focused on her job. Frustrated by her many non- teaching duties. The object of many-o-fantasy by both students and staff.

Phil Lipsucker - Biology teacher. Ladies man through and through (and from 6-60). Pseudo-shrink with everyone he encounters. Very touchy-feely. Low BS tolerance in the educational bureaucracy. A child of the ‘60’s.

Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Kabitchka - HS Principal. Self-important. Speaks edu-babble. Enjoys pulling rank. Creates meaningless busy work for staff. Married to Walter. Wandering hands with male staff. Closet dominatrix.

Ted Feelinfrau - Head custodian. Lazy...unenlightened....a philanderer.... cousin of the Board of Ed. President. Rarely without his walkie talkie. Liz has his number and uses him to her advantage.

Dave Toastmilker - Math teacher. Nerd. Liz’ protoget. Very shy. Eyes for Betty. Stutters.

Penny Withany - Another English teacher. School newspaper advisor. In charge of teacher sign-in. A pretty poor teacher, but quite the apple polisher. A snitch and in good stead with Liz. Probably somewhat promiscuous.

Peter Piquer - Head of security. Ex-marine. Overly official. Wants desperately for staff to respect him, to little avail.

Walter Kabitchka - Liz’ husband. Night janitor. Patronage job. Wimp and whipped. Abused by just about everyone, especially Liz.

Jazzy Jayy - DJ booked to play the halloween party. Also, undercover detective investigating corruption in the Heather Glen School District.

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Schoolhouse Masquerade Murders

The morale is at an all-time low at Heather Glen High School. The wicked, domineering principal, and her subjugated security chief have made life a living hell for teachers and students alike. The faculty and staff decide to cheer everyone up with a halloween masquerade party to benefit the local scholarship fund. Everything starts out fine, but amidst all the revelry, shots ring out. Ding! Dong! Is the wicked witch really dead? Now what? And who pulled the trigger? Scary costumes! Tricks and treats! Howling revelry for your audience.