The Christmas Carol Murders


Charles Hienay -- Self-centered, self-absorbed, self-indulgent community theatre actor. Conceited beyond belief, a psuedo-intellectual who is totally narcissistic. He is performing the role of Scrooge in this production of A Christmas Carol. In real life he is a divorce attorney.

Sissy Hienay-- Charles' oft-cheated-on wife. A drinking problem. Low self esteem. Does theatre for "quality time" with Charles. A taken-for-granted dishrag to Charles, but not stupid.

Herman Buttz- Flamboyant director of A Christmas Carol. Often lets his feminine side take over. Speaks with a pronounced lisp. Appreciates Charles' physical demeanor and presence, but despises his laziness, arrogance, and lack of inspiration.

Pricilla Puttmuncher---Costume mistress at the theatre . Flirtatious, personality plus. Divorced. Enjoys the creative opportunities she finds at the theatre. Also, enjoys the creative opportunities in measuring inseams. Has had a past relationship with Charles.

Art Shure-- Actor playing Cratchit in A Christmas Carol . Lacks all of Charles' charismatic qualities..... but a hard worker. Is employed at Big Depot by day. Has lost out on many roles to Charles over the years. Single. Lives alone. Sees himself as a martyr. Lots of self-pity. Secretly in love with Rebecca.

Rebecca Rose-- Innocent ingenue totally smitten with Charles. She plays Belle in A Christmas Carol.
Jonathon Avery- Serious minded actor. He plays Fred in A Christmas Carol. . Also in love with Rebecca .

Gloria Gazongas- Beautiful to look at, and a very nice person. Legally blond. Charles wants her replaced, because she's distracting. "Really, really, really wants to be actress." She plays many roles in A Christmas Carol..

Roger Ross - An audience member who is enticed into auditioning, when one of the cast members becomes suddenly indisposed.

Brenda Starr- Local reporter out to do a story on the upcoming production and particularly its star, with whom she is enchanted.

Tim Baylis- a state police homicide detective, playing Santa Claus at a PBA Christmas Party

Elf: Baylis' partner. Doesn't say much. Flirts with Hermann.

Host- A jovial connection between the reality of the audience and the fantasy of the show.

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The Christmas Carol Murders

The Curtainsville, Pennsylvania Community Theatre company is preparing a holiday production of Dickens' classic, A Christmas Carol. On the surface, a jovial group, there is more to the company than meets the eye. An egomaniacal and philandering leading man has rubbed almost everyone the wrong way. Indeed, much discord exists among company members. At this joyous time of year, all is not as it seems. Your audience will totally enjoy this holiday evening (or afternoon) of classically comic catastrophes.