Thriller Convention Murders


Kirk Stewart: Star Trek fan. But he is a Trekker as opposed to a Trekky (Trekkers consider Trekkies to be utter losers.) Wears the uniform but only on special occasions, not as an everyday outfit. Has a bit of a twitch.

Peter Pennsigner: Autograph hound. Obsessed with Stephen. Follows him from book-signing to book-signing. Absolutely believes they are buddies. He also thinks the characters and situations in Queen’s books are real.

Belinda Bustier: Convention organizer. Very efficient and businesslike on the surface. But beneath the MBA exterior lives a true-blue, All-American nymphomaniac.

Stephen Queen: Best selling horror fiction writer. Effeminate. Temperamental. Artiste. Superiority complex.

Dora Lynn Oralyn: Soft porn starlet specializing in vampire features. She has a pronounced lisp.

Fern Queen: Stephen’s mother. Hasn’t seen him in years. We suspect there may be a reason for that. “Dominating” personality.

Jack Zak: Once a TV host for horror films, now a headlining personality at the convention. Still wears the make-up. Upbeat and personable. He is the Master of Ceremonies for the festivities.

Evelyn Envian: A rival of Stephen in the horror-fiction game. His books sell far fewer copies but generally receive more favorable reviews. Hates Stephen for his success. He pronounces the first syllable of his first name with a long e (the masculine pronunciation: “Evil”). Is in anger management therapy and it’s not going that well.

Desiree, Damsel of the Dusk: A real vampire, or so she says. Dresses the part. Claims that, before bitten, she was the illegitimate daughter of Adolph Hitler. Speaks with a German accent.

Claude “Killer” Kowalchick: Former-professional wrestler . Trash talker. He’s in town for the convention. Since retiring from the ring, he’s worked as a security guard at ALL-Mart.

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Thriller Convention Murders

Stephen Queen was a very successful writer of horror fiction. His best selling books include Victorian Day Vampires, The Delaware River Decapitations, and his most recent success, Masquerade Murder Along The Musconetcong.
Queen's home town, Curtainsville, Pa, is the site of the annual Thriller Convention, to which hundreds make a pilgrimage each year to pay homage to their favorite stars of the macabre and other assorted genres. This year Queen will return to his hometown for the first time, as a special guest of the convention. But all is not as regal as Queen may think. Suddenly there is a bloodcurdling scream and someone is very dead. It's a howling comedy with lots of great acting opportunities, and of course, ghoulish fun for your audience.